Potty trained before 2….Fact or Fiction

So for those of you that aren’t familiar with our potty methods with the Mini Men, I’ll briefly explain. We have potty time every day at the same times so they have ample opportunity to go. Most times they use the opportunity, sometimes they don’t. That being said, we have been using this for about 6 months now without any epic fails. Well, this weekend we read about the “3 day method” and figured, what the hell, let’s give it a shot. Basically this method says, day one they spend diaper-less and you give them repeated breaks; if you “catch” them, you direct them toward the potty. Day two, you follow the same steps and arrange to leave the house for an hour (again diaper-less). Day three is the same diaper-less routine and going out for an hour in the a.m. and an hour in the p.m.. Obviously, this description is very condensed; to read more about the full method see http://3daypottytraining.com for the official website.
Our hope in doing this is that they will begin to take themselves to the potty, rather than us always putting them there. So…here we go…..
Day one potty training …….

The boys woke at 6:30 (way early and not a very good set-up), but we whisked them off to the potty and both went without problem, as per their norm. Well, then daddy took over and I went to take a shower. When I came back Scott revealed B pooped… on the PORCH…. hahah. Well, clearly he’s not shy. Aedon has always been really good about “potty time” and already goes days without accidents. But, put it this way, all bets were off when they got naked! All in all, we had 4 “accidents,” if we can even call them that. Not too shabby! But, we still have two more days to go.

potty frogs
potty frogs

Day two potty training…..
Again with the waking up at the crack of dawn! Bright, early, 6:30am and running 2 naked babies to the potty…hoping they don’t pee on you before you get there! Scott took over at 7 and I left for work….we shall see how this goes… On my way home I got the 411 and Scott definitely got peed on, though he’s not sure who did it :0 other than that no accidents! Then we did our hour outing, (we did ours in the afternoon since they tend to potty the most in the mornings) successfully taking the boys to the store and back without an accident! The second accident of the day was during mommy watch 😮 ….but in my defense, I was getting them out of their seats onto the potty, I took B first and went immediately back to grab A but he has already tinkled. At least the seats can come apart easily to be washed. 2 accidents on day two, doing pretty good still, but let’s see how day 3 goes!!
Nakie day #2
Nakie day #2

Day three potty training…
Scott has been a dream to have around lately and he’s even been letting me sleep in! But…sometimes it has its consequences and the only mess today was a ‘before daddy heard that they were up, Aedon pooped his pants,’ oopsy. That being said, I don’t think we will continue with this method. Why?
1) They put themselves on the potty maybe once a day, obviously this leaves the rest to be scrubbed out of carpet, washed off of babies and wiped from all the hidden crevasses. And I won’t even mention what this does to our Germ-phobia that the NICU drilled into us.
2) The messes cause stresses. Though the boys are probably able to learn this way if we kept at it, it has been pretty taxing just for us.
3) Two to the Loo-I think that is self-explanatory, you are catching two, following two and staring at two(I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time looking at a penis).
4) Overall- I think if it weren’t for Scott being home, I wouldn’t have tried this. I think we will modify this and do shorter more broken up diaper-less times during our days and weeks. Gradually, we will increase the amount and frequency of diaper-less time until we can go all day.
5) My recommend that if you do use this method for twins do one at a time or, have someone who can help you!

Product of the day has to be the Bissell Spot Bot, its a must have for kids and pets!! 

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