Throwback Thursday #4

I went in for the repeat test a few days later and she went ahead and did the “additional tests” at the same time so I wouldn’t need to come back again. I got a call 3 days after, only to hear that the original results were no mistake. She assured me we could discuss more at the next appointment.
The next week passed hellishly slow and I even started crossing off days on the calendar… but the day had come! We had decided early on that Scott and I would go all MFM appointments together so as I laid back to have the viscous snot like gel sprayed all over my midsection, he marveled at all the bio-equipment (he must have mentioned at at least 6 different MFM appointments about creating this “new” ultrasound machine). Soon enough we were underway, and the FIRST question are they momo?! Response: “I really wish I would have seen you earlier to make a better assessment.”-irritating to say the least- He went on to say that the larger you get it in fact gets harder for the specialists to see, that previous to 20 weeks is best for momo twin assessment, and that if a membrane hadn’t been found thus far it was very possibly a mono mono pregnancy. Exactly what we didn’t want to hear. He handed the ultrasound wand back to the nurse and while Scott asked the last of our questions the nurse continued to get the last few measurements she needed. As she pulled the wand away a white fleck moved quickly across Baby A’s face. She immediately put the wand back, concerned that something was wrong my eyes glued to the screen. She dug the wand into my right hip, standing up to put her body weight behind it, wiggled it maybe a cm each way. Then said “GOT IT!” she had found a membrane! Pulling Scott and the MFM out of their conversation…the MFM practically pushed the nurse out of the chair to see the screen. Gazing, he confirmed her view. It was stretched, tissue paper thin, over Baby A’s face.
Throwback Thursday

Just 14 days shy but, I had escaped a 2 month hospital incarceration.
Our boys were Diamniotic-monochorionic SUCH a relief!

*Baby Aedon was 1 lb*

*Baby Broderick was 1 lb 1 oz*

As you can see we had picked first names by 25 weeks. And A&B names were not intentional, just a funny coincidence 🙂

Throwback Thursday

Just shy of 23 weeks and I was again making the 45min drive to see my OB at Summit. We sat down to “discuss” as she had said but the conversation ended as quickly as it began. My options were fairly limited A) terminate to reduce the “risk” to my health B)continue to monitor and handle this after. self-explanatory what we picked 🙂
I was really looking forward to my 25 week 4D ultrasound (with twins its recommended to go in earlier to get better images 25-30 weeks) it kept my mind off of the recent stresses and on the positives. We went to Baby’s Debut and were instantly bombarded with picture after picture. Definitely not complaining because we ended up getting 50 some images, 15 of which were edited, and a half hour video of our 4D ultrasound!

25 weeks ID boys

Throwback Thursday

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