12 Things every twin parent should know…..

#1 you won’t go out of the house for days at a time. Taking two out at once is difficult; especially if you are a new mom, with newborn twins, battling just to stick to a feeding schedule.
#2 you will get MASS amounts of dumb questions….are they twins, which ones older, who’s the problem child, are they identical, are you going to have more? People please understand ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! I am being nice enough to answer politely so please keep questions to a minimum and let me finish my grocery shopping.
#3 strangers will be rude. They will stop you, they will touch your kids, they will remark on how huge you must have been or how suckey it must be. As if having twins makes you a circus side show? You will learn to let the comments roll off your back and walk away. (But never be afraid to stand up for yourself) ….how bout “if you touch my kid again ill punch you in the throat;)”
#4 you will laugh and you will cry. The highs and lows of twin parenting amazed me that’s for sure! I know they’ve shocked my normally stoic husband into a tizzy a time or two.
#5 you will not have time to “do it while watching the twins” they will take ALL of your attention. Leaving no time for the phone call or the shower you haven’t had in a week. Give in, get a sitter, ask for help, what ever you need. You time is still important.
#6 yes, you do get double the affection and its amazing
#7 just double EVERYTHING! Bills, toys, food, messes, diapers, etc. double it all….just to be safe. This being said in the long run twins are cheaper, some things we don’t have to buy two of(though it saves headaches)and we get twin discounts:)
#8 people who don’t have twins will NOT GET IT. You will laugh when people say 1 baby is “being difficult”… Lady, try 2 screaming like banshees at 3am! Or better yet those who think having 2 kids is “just like having twins”…..YEAH RIGHT![insert chuckle here]
#9 take everything with a grain of salt. For some reason it seems when you have twins people feel you desperately need their advice or input….you don’t. You are the parent do what you feel is best! Of course do your research but make a decision for you and your family.
#10 your life isn’t over. While having twins is a huge time suck, things will get back to your new normal:) it took us about a year before we started getting out again, doing dinner dates and movie nights. Slowly but surely you will feel comfortable leaving them with people you trust can handle their shenanigans and still be willing to take them again;)
#11 tag outs will be your BFF, stolen from a friends parenting techniques, it’s an easy way to take a break when you feel you’ve hit your max. Especially now that the boys are touching everything. I can say “that is a no item” 16x and still they touch it…very angering. So if I need to walk away I say “daddy, I need a tag out” he comes in and I can have a minute:)
#12 make time! Time is the hottest commodity in our house and it can be really difficult to set aside time to work out, read a book, go on a dinner date, but I promise you will never regret it. We take the boys with in our city select for a work out, read during bottles before bed, and scheduled monthly dates.

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