Crazy days

So I have TWO whole days off in a row! Crazy I know:) but in my momentary absence from work I thought I would fill everyone in of our latest adventures.
Well to start, I went back to work;) After being able to enjoy most of the summer at home with Scott I was offered an opportunity to go back to the dog training company I was at before I had the boys…and happily took it! Needless to say I don’t have much free time, so Scott has decided to take a swing at blogging the adventures he has with the boys.
In other news our Nakie days potty method has paid off! The boys are doing great and most everyday are accident free, super yay for 18m olds!
They have also tried some new homemade foods….bread, butter, granola and yogurt…ok well the yogurt isn’t new but we’ve made it with different milks now.
We’re also now using utensils. This makes for a very interesting meal time. For now at least, we’ve resorted to putting the food on the fork and handing them the fork, just until their aim is more accurate;)
And then….in the realm of new products that were excited to try. We have Babylegs, Ergobaby, and HaPe puzzles.


Were also stroller searching as I mentioned a long while ago and today I actually came across this. An entry to win a FREE BABY JOGGER! Chyea:) We LOVE ours and it’s actually the idea behind the blogs name! Obviously, we wouldn’t mind another by this company, so we’re entered! Just a heads up though it’s only for the certain styles and it ends on the 11th of October.
Stay tuned for Scott’s blogging and daddy adventures in being a SHD to twins!!

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