Winter is coming!!

We were so nicely reminded by yesterday’s chilly weather that winter is again on its way 😦 BOOOOOO. I don’t care how much you hate the heat I will take being warm over cold ANY day. But, for us it served as a reminder to get the boys winter clothing in order. Since I’m rather picky about what they wear we’re nowhere close to done, we did find a few goodies though!

ADORE-ABLE even Scott agreed, we very rarely do “matchy-matchy” with the boys but for these boots we may need to 😉


And these sweater sets, pretty cute! I have a hard time paying full price, which is probably why we didn’t get all their winter gear. Normally, I would get it the season before on clearance, except we didn’t plan on being here for another winter, so I didn’t buy. Oh well, I think we found some pretty cute stuff!

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