Gettin our s**t together


the boys have officially outgrown the boots 😦 yet another step farther from my lil 4lb bambinos

Well after taking a huge, long, break from blogging it seems the time is right to get it going again. While we prep ourselves as much as possible for Scott going back to work I get to, well…sit on my ass with my foot up. Less than appealing right now when it feels like, and truthfully we do, have sooooo much to do. Hopefully I can avoid anything serious and with rest it will heal, in the mean time I am BORED beyond BORED.
Lately all I have to do is look at them and I get tired….well that may be the pain meds, arguable… but truthfully they have been exhausting!
But the boys, as always, keep me busy enough.
20140123-193643.jpgevidence by daddy chasing the boys around the yard in snow…
I just regret not getting get a more clear image of this handsome little face !!! 20140123-202158.jpg

In an effort to occupy them more were working on language, fine tuning the wearing of pants and clothes in general, and problem solving skills! They are 21.5 months now and while the doctors think we should still be adjusting their age to know “milestones” that has never stopped us from trying things early….ahem potty training. Anyhow in the last 3 days we’ve gotten about 10 new words down! A huge step considering they really only talk when prompted and that’s usually just one word NOM-NOM. So I’m a happy momma. As for clothing….were finding it challenging just to get them NOT to strip…future career, I’d hope not. But it’s making training back onto pants difficult:/ no problems while were out and about, but being in the house….not so successful. As for problem solving, they are ROCKSTARS, we always give directions and they are great about figuring out what were asking them to do! Stay tuned for more updates since it looks like I’ll have lots of free time coming up:/

This is quite possibly one of my favorite daddy/son shots ❤


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