Jack Jacks birthday tbt

In honor of Bubbies birthday celebrations I thought I’d do his weeks tbt on him:) Since many of you have seen old pictures of me…and the ones you haven’t seen I’m not about to plaster all over;)…..I’ll, instead, give you ones of my life changing 7 years with jack.

1) he was a foster failure that was supposed to be a girl….note the pink collar ❤

2) he was CONSTANTLY mistaken for a yellow lab puppy….I still don’t see it


3) he was the catalyst for dozens of my close friends and family to rescue a pittie…..20140130-091859.jpg you know who you are 😉

4) he was the reason I found my dream job…


5) he was EXPENSIVE!!! Um, two knee surgeries, a cancer scare, auto-immune deficiencies, and a grain intolerance:/ while I have pictures of this time, it just makes me sad… and it might make you vomit…so I’ll keep those to myself.
6)he was given more nicknames than I can count….bubbie, love bug, bear, buggie, thumbelina, nug bug, princess….yes the list goes on, and he answers to all of them

7) he has changed my life immensely and I couldn’t have asked for a better pup to be my rock. He is my partner in crime, my great snuggler, and my protector all at once. I am amazed to see how far he has brought us both in life and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Happy 7th birthday to my old man;) your family loves you!


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