Release from NICU jail!!

I am realizing now, months…and MONTHS later that I never finished the second part of the NICU stay, or our discharge from NICU. Any parent who has ever done NICU time understands, it really is it’s own form of jail. We were lucky enough to have a short stay and our boys are what are often referred to as “feeder-growers.” They had no serious complications and the only thing we waited on was gaining weight (and of course what we now look at as the pointless round of antibiotics for a bacterial infection that was really a lab error). Never the less the time passed painfully slow. We stayed at the hospital for the whole time the boys were there, since there were suites in the NICU. We had family watch the dogs and the poor cat was lonely in the apartment:0 Scott would go back and forth to Madison for class since he, at the time, was in his first semester of his masters. Early in the second week we were told the boys would be able to go home Wednesday, at the latest, which would have been 10days in jail (the minimum they had to stay because of those stupid antibiotics).
But to recap: Saturday both boys had Brady episodes and Dstats….on top of deciding to not eat! The episodes meant mandatory 3 days of observation, and not eating meant gavages were still in. And luck didn’t seem to be on our side because Sunday Aedons little veins couldn’t take another IV line-they had collapsed again-and even the ones in his head wouldn’t hold. The PA had spoken with us about our only option left-a PICC line-thankfully his IV came out on a SUNDAY. No one was available to do the surgery until Monday, it bought his veins a day to recover, and he was given the meds orally…if I remember correctly šŸ˜‰ We ended up talking the dr out of the PICC line as it would need to be removed for their tentative Wednesday release. The next few days were fairly uneventful as the boys gained back what they lost in the first week. As our Wednesday release fast approached B had a Brady….and not more than an hour later Aedon had one….3.more.days šŸ˜¦
This time though, no surprises. The 3 days went by with out event and Friday April 20th was the BIG DAY!!13 days and we were all going home.

Welcome Home

welcome home

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