Missing Madison

I’m starting to realize how much I miss madison….no, not Milwaukee or Whitewater :0 just Madison. The college life and energy in that city was just…great…amazing…FUN. And not just the parties, I always felt safe even when I lived in that suuuuper shitty flat on Wilson with no locks on the doors, and in chalet gardens with the shootings and drug dealers. Hell, I feel pretty safe no matter where I go though with a jack jack 😉 anyone who dares enter with him carrying on like he does deserves whatever they can take! ANYHOW
Seeing a few things though on “Sconnie life” made me see that it’s time to find new hobbies. I loved my Madison experience, but I don’t always want to be looking back. I have decided to get a few books and read up on where I want to go from here!
1) travel- of course this is a huge one for me and always has been. I’ve never been shy about saying I don’t want to stay in the Midwest. But beyond that, Scott and I both really want to show the boys life outside the US. So, I have begun research on the top places we have on our list; Iceland, Scotland, Argentina, and among many others Bora Bora.
2) hiking-I’ve never been a huge fan, but since my back issues have nixed going back to running heavily, I’m thinking I’d like to try it. The area we’re in is beautiful and at least I’d have scenic routes, and many pictures to capture.amazing

Hopefully I can find a few more of these

abandon farm HWY 14
2) woodworking-ok, to be fair,this one is more Scott’s than mine, however, I would like to do this with him. Hopefully, we will be taking classes at the Rebuilders Exchange next month, and building a desk for the office!!
3) homeschooling- yes, the more Scott and I look at not only the things that happen in schools(um have you seen the case of the two 5 year olds having sex in the school bathroom?!) but also the things that don’t happen ie the quality of the education. I do feel like we can do better, at least until high school:) because at that point daddy may have to take over the math lessons;) I actually had a high school math teacher tell me he would pass me just so that he didn’t have to see me again next year:0….brutally honest.
5) ok, this is more of a collection of the odds and ends -you know- doing a garage sale, finishing(more accurately starting and finishing) the boys bed project etc.

in other words I need to write my TO DO list and start crossing things off!!

Spring is just around the corner, time to get motivated!

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