New Adventures…and Beginnings.

Well, No more waiting, all applications have been processed and accepted! Things went really fast from then to now! We moved on valentines day, BEST v-day gift EVER. The move it’s self was painful just think 3 pets going to a new place ohh and twin toddlers….yea, all underfoot. While the packing was pretty simple, since we’ve basically been living out of boxes for months, the actual deed on a half smashed foot? Not so much… But enough of my sob story about moving;)
The new place is AMAZING, we fell in love when we viewed it and were so happy that everything fell into place so easily, FAST…but reallyeasy. I described our new place briefly before as a remodeled lake cottage and come to find out we even have lake rights with our own pier (that we’d have to put in) and section of beach for bonfire area! That’s on top of our huge yard, kiddy swing set, and huge patio…EEEEK. Can you tell I am in love? We have tentatively divided out the 2 extra rooms into a play room/office/gym/guest space. Now begins the decoration process! We gave away pretty much everything so were open to new designs and color schemes. I think we will stay with light colors since the house is so wonderfully bright and we don’t want to detract for that. Possibly a few greys, blues and creams. Everything is yellow-ish/creamy and we do like it, but it’s a lot of one color, so decisions decisions!!
In other news:
I am boggled by the amount of activities here, and can’t wait to get started with outings with the boys
Scott is so far loving the job and the opportunities he has in it.
I will still be teaching, since I am right by the rescue I’ve worked in for years. Check out…a&s rescue
Aaaaand were super excited to have the boys birthday in our new home:0 hopefully you’ll be joining us!!

deer family. oh…and say hello to the neighborhood regulars

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