Potty training Twins

sorry I didn’t want to add many images to this one 😉 hope you understand

Since this seems to be, by far, what I answer the most questions on I thought I would do an update on where we are with potty proofing! Last month we decided that it was unrealistic in this home to have two Boon potty benches out that were ready to move toward the next step. The actual potty. Now, we knew that the boys were a bit afraid of the large seat, but the transition would save space ANNNND make using the regular potty during outings easier. After looking at a few potty toppers we picked the Kiddyloo . Many of the others were ridiculously flimsy and would fall apart as soon as weight was put on it, not to mention they have no guard for boys. This one, while still plastic, is much more secure, gives the boys a comfortable spot, has handles, and get this, it works for boys!!! those of you with lil guys will genuinely appreciate that 😉 They can also take it on and off the potty themselves! To introduce it we simply used what every parent nicely calls a reward…..realistically known as a bribe. We told them if they could use the regular potty they would get a gummy treat (aka a vitamin gummy, hey, don’t judge, what they don’t know won’t kill them). Worked like a charm because B climbed right up went #2 got off and held his hand out for his treat. He ate his treat and promptly climbed back up went #1 and held out his hand for another treat……STINKER!!! But I’ll take it. We went on giving treats for about 1 week religiously and after sporadically for a really good job.
We have also transitioned 100% to big boy undies! minus night time of course. The guys find great joy in taking undies on and off…and on and off and on and off etc. but it makes for good practice time I guess. They are very good at getting to the potty and getting their undies off. We still haven’t added in shoes/jeans to this mix, but I’m in no rush for that. To get them back to wearing undies we just added more and more time. Originally, they wore bottoms for a half hour or so and we worked our way up to 6hrs (the average stretch of time the are awake for).
Our plan with all of this is that by summer not only will they be able to participate in a few different activities for “potty trained only” children and so that when I go out with them this summer I am not tethered to the house because they refuse the regular potty. As a compromise with the boys I found a folding portable potty seat with handles aka my purse potty. A little gross….and depressing….to be putting in a 400$ coach bag, but again I’m not tied to my house an hour away from the museum, zoo, park…
We have yet to try anything with overnights and naps time and at this point I am all but positive we give them liquid too close to sleep times. The times I have not given liquid they have not pottied, but they also get up WAY earlier then because they are hungry. Sorry, but I value my sleep time too much, so I’ll be letting this one go. At least until summer. Because using cloth and potty training went sooooo well together for us we decided to take them off of disposables completely now in the hope that it will encourage the transition though. Yes, were 100% still using our Gdiapers but I’ll do an entry on that another day!

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