Boon product reviews

It’s no secret I love boon, their stylish modern baby items are just too fun to pass up. Here are the ones we’ve tried and love…..I promise you will love them too!
Boon lawn and patch with twig accessory- originally we only had the lawn and it was a wonderful addition to the kitchen not just for baby items either and it’s large size meant it could hold bottles for twins or even dishes. The grass is rigid enough to hold even our heavy dinner platters! But as the boys grew we didn’t always need the sq footage of a lawn we downsized to the patch, it was a perfect little addition in our new kitchen. With the patch we do have to be careful since it’s dimensions mean it can tip easier than the lawn. The pieces come apart so remember to rinse it often to keep it fresh. Only downside to this set up is twig branches are a bit short and therefore it doesn’t hold much, bit of a bummer with twins. They are however flexible which was a big plus to get things to stay on it.
Worth the money? YES
Boon bench potties-ok, I wasn’t sold on these AT ALL from about 9-14m. For a little boy they did not want to work, splash guard was never in place, the seat and to holder were constantly popping apart etc, very disappointing for a 40$ kiddy potty. BUT, we decided to give em one more go before we pitched me since that was 80$ invested in toilets. It was like night and day, clearly these potties were made for a specific size of child because they covered little boy parts perfectly from 15m-24m, and if you’ve ever potty trained a boy you know how important this is! Now at 2 we could use them as the step stool they were designed as but like I said before the parts are constantly popping off/sliding around. I had hoped for WAY better quality and longevity but the design for a little boy potty is on the spot.
Worth the money though? NOPE
Boon squirt– these, by far, were the only way I saved my sanity feeding twins! Great design and overall quality. I wish they sold replacement pieces(more than just caps). We had a rainbow of these things and I only wish they made a version with a bigger hole in the spoon to allow for chunkier food!!
Worth the money? YES, if you feed a lot of stage one foods…I’m talking to you, parents of multiples.
Boon Ray this tub drain cover does just what it says, and surprisingly well I might add! It provides and amazing seal when your regular tub drain won’t! I thought the boys would try and play with it since it looks sooo much like one of their toys but we’ve been lucky…so far šŸ˜‰
Worth the money? Yes, if you have old drains that don’t have a nice seal to hold water
Boon snack ball– this one is better as a snow ball mold than a snack holder. It’s awkward lid easily popped off and the small opening was even difficult for toddler hands to manage. It was a rare miss for boon with this one.
Worth the money? NOPE, unless you live in Alaska and honestly want a snow ball mold
Boon Glo-ok I could probably do one entry on this this alone, it’s that awesome. After reading some mixed reviews we decided it would be a birthday gift for the boys 2nd. So, realistically, it’s not been in use that long and I may have different opinions after prolonged use but….this thing even kept Scott entertained. It has a few different settings which is really nice, the removable balls do hold a decent charge for late night potty breaks, and overall it’s pretty sturdy. So far A&B love it and are entranced! I just wish it wasn’t always really static-y….it attracts pet hair like a mofo.
Worth the money? Debatable, the price is rather steep for a kids night light, but this would be a staple in any child’s room for years! boon glo
glowing boon glo
Boon stash– this cool counter or wall organization has entertained the boys for hours! It even inspired our pvc wall desk, with sturdy construction it has even held up to being thrown and dropped, something I can’t say for the wood composites from target.
Worth the money? YEP
Boon gnaw– ok this is supposed to worth somewhat like a Chinese finger trap to hold you kiddos goodies and clip it to them so they don’t get tossed to the floor…..key word supposed to. First, the clip is a joke and even at 6m they pulled it right off. Second, the part that should hold your kiddos item….doesn’t fit anything-we tried crackers, nam teethers etc….nothing worked with it. I’m not sure what boon had in mind with this one, the best we found was that they just chewed on it.
Worth the money? Hells NO
Boon benders – these toddler utensils bend at the base so your little one has an easier time navigating a spoon/fork to their mouth. Great right? The plastic is durable and didn’t crack even after a year of dishwashing and toddle use, and the guys find them easy to use. However, Walmart carries these in generics for way cheaper if you have to have em. I would have been better served with a bigger utensil like the nuk designed ones as these hold next to nothing(especially by the time they make it into a mouth).
Worth the money? Not so much
Boon catch bowl – the hope with these was that we could minimize messes/spills. Sadly the suction base won’t stick (not to wood plastic or granite) at least not enough to deter the guys from pulling them off the table, flinging all its contents. The lip on the side to catch spills is however, really handy. So, I kind of have a love/ hate with this bowl. Best used for slippery finger foods with a toddler that knows to leave bowls on the table.
Worth the money? Yes, but only if you’re buying it for the catch lip and NOT the suction base.
Boon stout– these cup/sippies are dual purpose and workin stages first a sippy then a free flow sippy then a cup. Wonderful concept and perfect in application . The wide base on this means it stays upright even with little hands setting it down. The ability to use it through a few stages means longer life. Now boon just needs to sell replacement valves!
Worth the money? Hells YES
Boon swig– these come in two sizes and both had the same considerations for us….the nipple/sippy hole was far too small even for them at 7m so we cut them to make em faster flow. The seal was great for meal times but not a sippy to leave out or with your kiddo unattended. The small caps they came with popped off really easily so don’t plan on that stopping leaks in your diaper bag. They pro of these were that they were a nice step off of bottles with nipples. A&B actually really liked these and would often refuse other sippy styles for these.
Worth the money?Yes, for the big one though.boon saucer
Boon saucer -the sectioned plate is supposed to help with portions while having no hard edges…..ermmmm well sorry to say I have nothing positive to say about these aside from the mod design the pros end there. The base is not sticky enough as our guys could easily push and pull them across all types of counters and the roundness means its a huge challenge for younger kiddos. Not what I want to deal with when they hardly manage utensils.
Worth the money? Not so much

What were excited to try next: Link, fleet, and pieces!!

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