Updates from Twinland

I haven’t done an update on the mini men in ages, let alone anything in weeks :0 lets just say we’ve been busy….very very busy.
As I’ve said before there are MANY ups and downs in twin land and these last few weeks have been no exception. So, I’ll fill you in….
Last week B took a digger that ended with a lemon size lump on his forehead and a trip to the ER for a CT. On a good note the nurse said he was the best toddler she had in 16 years! YAY for my well behaved little man! And while it hasn’t even slowed him down, it scared the crap out of me, and kinda tempts me to tie pillows to them. After that we started the next round of circle of change classes! So, our weekly visits to madison have picked up again:) I love doing this class so much and it’s wonderful to stay in touch with madison friends and family. The next day, while in the hospital parking lot in Madison, (getting the boys records) B almost got hit by a CRAZY lady. Never thought I would be that parent screaming the F bomb at someone….but…given the ER trip two days previous….I was a bit protective. Icing on the cake was that she almost hit a second adult when she backed up to straighten herself in the parking spot…he also screamed and flipped her off. Sweet validation, some people really shouldn’t have a license. The weekend had it’s redeeming qualities with some well deserved QUIET family time, yard clean up and a visit from gramma now that shes back from the Bahamas! But in true fashion this weeks adventures have already proved challenging with a Dr visit on Tuesday for me and Wednesday for the boys. While my Dr. was wonderful and I will be keeping her, we will be ditching the pediatrician. No one even asked why B still has 2 horrendous black eyes (and no he didn’t have the records for last weeks ER visit). Strange to me, but on top of that it took 2 hours! Not like they really need to see a different dr for a while now, but I would still like to have a good ped. that we like…so the search continues. As for doing dr visits with the 2 vs 1 ratio, it would be putting it nicely to say its a challenge. My advice don’t do it! Lol, but if you have to bring toys, movies bribes whatever you need to to keep them busy for at least an hour…more if you have twin toddlers 😉
but were settling into “townie” life quite nicely and as we head into month no. 4 in the new house were loving life:)20140522-122912-44952921.jpg20140522-122911-44951634.jpg
…..especially jack ❤
The break from blogging has allowed me to catch up on some projects I had piled up like making a new dog throne, a storage "bin" for blankets, planting all of our seeds, rebuilding our fire pit and starting a wall mounted tv cabinet and making the garden bed covers! Plus, I've been stashing summer fun activities and now that A&B are big enough well be taking advantage of them over the next few months! Ohhh yeah-I'm ready for summer!

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