New ventures in dog life!

After a challenging few weeks things seem to be going really smoothly! The long holiday weekend was a great recharge with some especially exciting news.!.!.!.!.!.

I took a meeting with a local dog facility about opening a doggie daycare and training facility!! The existing facility is a pet lodge 5 minutes from our house, I couldn’t really walk or bike. But hey, I’ll be working from home and when I do go in there is virtually no commute. We are meeting again this weekend to discuss “logistics” but obviously I am very excited to be able to continue my work with dogs. Even though I will be stepping into a more professional role I’m hoping to get to plenty of smoochi love and play time.
My trip to target to find some “business clothes” for my meetings turned out semi-comical as Scott informed me that shorts are apparently a faux-pas…who knew? My work attire has always been filled with yoga pants, T’s, and hoodies. Basically anything that can get destroyed and I wont cry about. So, I’m learning


Wish me luck finding comfy professional clothes, I’m still hoping I wont need them though! On a less exciting, but still gratifying, note we FINALLY have our couch back!! Scott’s parents were nice enough to let us store it there and this weekend we went to pick it up. After only having a love seat for the first three months in our new place it is wonderful to have the couch again. We can finally design and decorate our living room! For now, though, it’s just nice to be able to all fit on the couch:)

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