The boys have been a challenge lately. And by challenge I mean, whiney, mischievous, little knobs. Granted, they are getting their 2 year molars…but…I literally saw one choke hold the other. I should add they love to play wrestle, but really guys?! As a parent when you walk in to see that kinda stuff you damn near crap yourself. If it was just this type of stuff I could handle the repetitive “be nice/gentle to your brother”. Ohhh, but it’s not. They go for yelling/whiney fits, so much so that I miss the phone call from the technician coming to fix the stove. But, of course he won’t answer when I call back. Then, while waiting through the ringing for a voicemail that’s not set up I hear a thud…..suspicious at best. That thud? Yeah, it was the front curtains being pulled down from our bay windows. NOT COOL guys…NOT.COOL!!! Finally quiet. The highlight of which was my picking up the yard only to cut both of my feet on glass. And then that stove tech rings the door bell. Now, all hell truly breaks loose because jacks REDICULOUS freak out ensues. Picking him up to put him in the office, Diva, who has freshly cut nails, runs across the top of my foot. Cutting a perfect line from pinkie to big toe:) And that “nap time” I’d hoped for…yeah.right. Because,nooo nooo, we’ve decided that sleep is so unneeded for teething toddlers. That 2.5 hour mid-day nap is only a distant mommy memory now. So after just 45 min nap time is done. So, by this point in the day I’m gimping around just trying to keep up cleaning behind the twin tornadoes, plus, I now have a tech in my house and two dogs who are bent on making him their new ball time BFF, oh and the twins startled out of naps. Glorious. I drink my way to 6pm/Scott getting home. He takes over for the few hours until bed time. But this day is nicely capped by finding urine soaked sheets in the bed of a potty trained kiddo……ahhhh where’s the big gulp.
Mondays done,
Tuesdays another day…….wait it’s Wednesday already….20140618-095046-35446634.jpg

twin land ❤

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