Ok, so it’s fair to say that the meaning of “organization” has greatly changed since having A&B 😉 Before it meant perfection all around, now, it just means I picked up….kind of.
Since Scott was home for our anniversary 20140712-163640-59800141.jpg

Yes, we had an amazing date night 🙂

We got the chance to unpack a bit more (our last few…i think… I hope) and organize old fashioned way in the office! It’s almost done 🙂
In the mean time I’m attempting to get a magnetic chalk board for the boys play room finished up this week.
The garden is also keeping me very busy and has really taken off….we had so many tomatoes and I couldn’t bare to kill em so I put then in old totes :0 they are still growing, flowering even. We just want enough for sauces.
20140712-164527-60327146.jpgOtherwise our twinions are keeping us pretty busy …….

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