Life is good

After many challenging times, July has brought some amazing news! We have gotten official word that Scott’s “work-from-home status” will kick in the last week of July!!!! I couldn’t me more ecstatic 🙂 He also got word that he is eligible for upcoming bonus cycles…..AAAAnd that there is potentially a new position in his future. Needless to say his gusto for work has been rekindled 😉
The littles are changing and growing daily. A is regularly stringing 2/3 words together. And were one goes the other follows in a matter of days. They have been loving the magnetic chalk wall I made for them though, I have yet to actually put it on the wall. They love using the magnets, but Im not quite daring enough to use chalk(I HATE the sound).
The neighbor also found us a grill….we have to hook it up yet, but hopefully Scott will get to it this weekend! It will hook right up to our natural gas lines though so super convenient and no worries about forgetting charcoal. Plus, super timing, now well have it for our get together next weekend 🙂
Jack threw us for a loop on Thursday night when he killed a skunk in the yard. Never thought that would happen :0 but, since we washed him up immediately the smell hasn’t really lingered. It did scare the crap out of me though. 20140718-122045-44445212.jpg
And it looks like well be rounding out this week by getting our TV wall mounted today (I have been waiting for this day since A&B could pull up on it) and getting our new stroller jogger pod this weekend!!!
The garden has just exploded, all except my mini-multicolor peppers and watermelon(possibly some of my favorite garden fresh items, sad-face….)at least the pineapples are finally growing. It looks like we will have plenty to store for the winter! Now we just need to find a cheap freezer….. 🙂

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