Ok first, how the hell is it just days away from august?! Where was summer? And yes, I’m referring to the hot.sticky.schhhvetty.summer. Maybe I’m the only one bit disappointed, but guys in less than 3m we could be up to our ankles in SNOW. And remember what that polar vortex is like when it’s already cold?!

……meanwhile in Wisconsin……

But, aside from the unusually cool temperatures and the regular few mix ups or problems, things have been going fairly smoothly. We did get the new-to-us grill hooked up, and we already forgot to turn it off once…oopsy. We had our cookout this past weekend which was great to see everyone!! The boys even got to see auntie kimmy-I’m just sad we didn’t get any pictures of them together! The no show from an acquaintance who was supposed to sell her party lite stuff was a disappointment because a few of us planned on getting some Xmas gifts. The highlight by far was nana and an ex-military friend of Scott’s getting into a water fight, priceless.
Scott may have been an innocent bystander but still got drenched 😉
20140728-072142-26502609.jpg 20140728-072144-26504296.jpg
We were able to finally take advantage of the garden!!20140728-072145-26505976.jpg
But I’ll save that for another post:)

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