Welcoming winter

Fall 2014 was more than a bit of a challenge this year for us.
September 19th I was rear ended while taking the boys to meet Scott for a work outing a 6 flags. Everyone was fine however my car is totaled and gone. It has been a difficult transition for me as Scott’s car is a manual that needs transmission work so I am not driving it. We have decided not to have a second car and are now in the process of replacing Scott’s sports coupe with something larger and with out transmission problems…..needless to say the limbo time has been pretty crappy. But, as always life goes on. In our family it seems that the colder it gets the more we have to do and staying busy has been nice…between the holiday scheduling of events and were still fiddling with getting all summer and fall items packed away. A feat in and of itself considering we acquired a yard this year and about 80 bajillion new outdoor items.
We picked up the raised garden beds with the plan to store them in the garage for winter.
The new play equipment also went into the garage where I created a “play space” by super gluing old bamboo reeds to the cement walls….were hoping to use the space as somewhat more protected winter play area. IMG_3082.JPG With an old rug to soften the ground for the kiddos and a treadmill/ weights for me or Scott we are off to a good start.
With everything outside falling into place we’re now looking at what else we want taken care of inside the house. We packed summer stuff into storage and got a new space heater. Even though our windows are brand new we sealed them up-minus two for circulation-and noticed a temperature difference. So far we haven’t had to turn the heat on but I’m guessing that we will have to any day now.
Stay tuned because as the cold rolls in I will be trying out a some new crafts and DIYs with the littles

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