Adult life

Well “we did it” …..for the first time in 2.5 YEARS Scott and I went out without the kiddos overnight. Yeah, I know…pretty pathetic, but in our defense finding someone willing to take both at once is damn near impossible. Anyhow, my mom was nice enough to take them so Scott, Myself and a friend of ours could go see Joseph Huber. I saw him years ago when he was with .357 string band and have been dreaming of seeing them again ever since. Those of you close to me know I LOVE the girl name Adeline, and these guys are actually where that name came from. Unfortunately, they have since disbanded but each play solo occasionally from what I can gather. So, after a very last minute realization that he was in MKE at club garibaldi we went, and as always, he didn’t disappoint! He even did an old .357 song half tank of gas, full tank of lies. I found what I can only hope will be another brief reunion for .357SB in 2015 in Sprague, WI…last year at this same festival they got together to do ONE song. While I don’t know if we will even be near this festival next year I would surely make it a priority if they were on the line up. Yes, they were that amazing…..a girl can dream….
In other news were again on the move! This time far less picky about location and much more dedicated to the “perfect job.” Were coming up on a year in IL and hating it more day by day. While we LOVE our home it’s just not the state for us (though the US in general seems to suit us less and less over time). So, it’s looking as though were again hunting and very excited about it! Wish us luck 🙂

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