Good old fashion fun!

Saturday night we decided to try the Drive in movie with the boys. Scott and I had never been either, so, we went to the one in Jefferson off Hwy 18…which was kinda far away. But, we packed up the car with some blankets having no clue what to expect….Well, when we got there around 7pm we realized we were the newbies-most people had huge set ups, camping chairs, air mattresses…BUG SPRAY. I hate to say it but, yes, we were totally unprepared. Anyhow, here’s the low down on our trip and what we will do better.
For next time!
• Yes, get there early, you will get the best parking and food. Cars flooded in at around 8-9 at this place.
• When you park, DO park in the front row of where they will allow larger cars, trucks, SUV’s- this will give you the best view (and not of the truck in front of you blocking half of the screen)

our view
our view

• Make sure to look before you park! To get the best viewing I laid in the back with the boys while Scott parked to make sure we could see the movie screen easily while lying in the Tiguan.
• We only planned to stay for one movie, next time we will stay for both. Hey, we already paid! Plus, evidently everyone only planned to stay for one movie and traffic was a pain.
• Leave the car seats easily accessible and once the boys fall asleep buckle them in. This way we can easily reattach the seats for the drive home without waking the boys.
Next, what to bring with you!
• Toys! Haha, yes, we forgot toys for the boys :0 but, we thought the moving would start sooner! So, next time we will bring things to occupy the boys until bed or the movie time.
• Seats or space specifically for the kids- we mistakenly thought the four of us could fit laying down in the back of the Tiguan.
• Bug Spray or netting! Self-explanatory
• More soft stuff. We brought 4 king size blankets and 2 king pillows, still not enough! (but I also LOVE blankets)
movie night
before the movie

All in all our first drive in theatre movie experience was not too shabby! We saw Despicable Me 2…(for those of you that don’t want to know what happens don’t read this)….I was disappointed! The focus on how weird the female agent was supposed to be detracted rather than added, the plot was a little shaky and it definitely seemed like the sequel that wasn’t as good as the first, also, Despicable Me the original had much more adult humor. It was cute though, just wasn’t as impressed as I’d hoped to be.
Ps…..were still accident free!!

Shedd Aquarium visit

So after a lot of dreary weather around the Madison area we haven’t gotten out in what seems like weeks. But, as were waiting for the weather to pick up a bit I’ll fill ya in on our most recent activity, The Shedd Aquarium! We went on a Monday morning foolishly thinking that it would be slow….its Chicago, it’s never “slow”….that being said we kinda set ourselves up badly. The Sunday before my mom & stepdad were nice enough to take to boys so that we could have a day and night off (SRSLY YAY!!) but this meant I had to drive back to Milwaukee at 4am on Monday to get the boys before my parents had to leave for work, yes you read that right 4am! And of course, when we got to Milwaukee Scott accidentally woke the boys, so while he napped I showered got myself and the boys ready and packed up the car. We got on the road to Chicago at about 9 and got to The Shedd at 11ish.

Chicago shoreline
Chicago shoreline
So after waiting in line in the baking sun we got the “pass” rather than doing general admission because it included a Sting Ray touching exhibit! I think I was more excited about this than the boys and Scott combined. Anyway, I talked Scott into doing that before the boys were too tired and cranky. We made our way to the opposite end of the museum and finally saw the sting ray pools a huge kidney bean shaped pool with a trickling three tiered rock waterfall on one end. And with… get this….less than 15 people around it!! So, no getting elbowed out by other peoples kids or pictures with creepy strangers.
B checking things out
B checking things out
B went first…and he LOVED it! Stuck his hand right in and even got to touch a few Rays! Aedon on the other hand was less than amused. He was instantly uncomfortable on his stomach and almost started crying (this coming from the kid who constantly says “go” and loves exploring, he must have been sooooo tired). Scott and I let them nap as we finished touring, he said he liked the penguins best, but I think the Rays were the highlight by far!!
Aedon cautiously watching
Aedon cautiously watching