Throwback Thursday #6

30 weeks! I made it! Baby A is weighing in at 2lbs 15oz and Baby B is weighing in at 3lbs exact. They grew, but the MFM wasn’t really impressed by the gain and he made it a point to discuss IUGR and SGA complications. While my 28 week labor scare had led me to make a labor plan, I was thrown another curve ball at 30+5weeks. This could have been the boys final eviction at 32 weeks, but alas, I came up 9 days short. This time I had told Scott it didn’t feel “real” and to stay home…little did I know at that point that my feeling was very wrong. I made it to the hospital late Saturday night early Sunday morning; both my MFM and my OB were supposed to be called IMMEDIATELY if it was for my delivery….but that was only after 32weeks. So no one was called and I saw the on-call. A scary prospect for me, considering the last on-call left me to suffer. So after an hour drive, an hour of trying to let Scott know I was in actual labor, and an hour of waiting on the on-call I was exhausted. Then the ball finally got rolling, the Neonatologist, on-call MFM, on-call OB, NICU nurses and Paramedics were all standing by. If I delivered now the boys would be taken flight-for-life into Milwaukee’s level 4 NICU equip to handle tiny tiny babies. I met with doctors over the next few hours while I was given shot after shot and pumped with drugs to stop the labor. Two full days later the regular contractions of labor had subsided. Just shy of 4cm and fully effaced the medication had inhibited the ability of the contractions to dilate me. But, I still felt like I was just waiting for the babies to fall out. Now I was faced with having to stay until I was ready to deliver, my doctors were concerned because labor would now go VERY fast. Yet the drive to my hospital was VERY far, leaving little time for the C-section I needed, since both were Breech. We agreed that I would wait through the next 24 hours to make sure the contractions and any hints of labor were gone. With much persuasion, I was released on Tuesday, with a new full time job none the less, or at least that’s what it felt like! I would make the trek to see a doctor 3 times per week! I had what seemed like MASS amounts of NonStress Tests (NST’s), growth scans and fluid checks. Even the front desk staff at the sprawling complex that is Aurora Summit, knew me by name.
I left the hospital and went home to sleep…only sleep never came. I had been having intense pain over my right ribcage and tingling sensations in my legs. Feeling a little delirious after the events of the last few days I took a bath, took some Tylenol and willed myself to sleep…2 hours later I was WIDE awake. After doing all that I could think of to quell the fury of a pregnant lady that cant sleep, I again called the doctor. Now on heightened alert she had me come in, though by this time it was early morning business hours. I was tested for Pre-eclampsia, fFn and an BPP was done. While there my leg had another episode and I was informed that its called “restless leg” and that eliminating caffine, sugars, and allergy medication can help reduce it. As for the pain in my ribcage-what I was feeling was the muscles separating from my ribcage-a lovely thing. The BPP(Biophysical profile) scores were dropping and the OB warned labor was VERY close, I now left my hospital bag in the car.
In light of the happenings of the last few days my OB said she would be shocked if I made it to my scheduled 36 week C-section on April 19th. My MFM was even less excitable, saying that he would have delivered during the previous labor debacle due to the IUGR. But, at the end of the day it was best for them to stay in as long as possible and so with a Negative fFn and no Pre-eclampsia I continued to waddle about my daily life.

31 weeks ID boys

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