Throwback Thursday #7 a twin delivery

My oh my, the last labor fiasco scared me straight! I was diligent about staying off my feet all day, I pretty much lived on our couch. Sad to say, but Scott would even put together a little bin of things I would need before he would leave for long periods. All of the calm seemed to pay off though, the boys held out until 34 weeks. A huge feat considering the bleak outlook I was given to start. I went in at about 7pm thinking that my water was "leaking" only to find out it was not, but I was in labor. Apparently I am a "Zen" momma now? Well not really the "contractions" they recorded I just couldn't feel, I would guess it had something to do with the pain meds for the torn ribs. This just so happened to be my OB's night shift and the MFM was easily reached. After 2 hours of promising I would stay mellow and that I really didn't feel the contractions she was still on the fence about letting me go home. They had "checked" me when I got there, I was at 3cm/fully effaced, she wanted to check me again at 11pm if I was still at 3cm and the boys growth scan she was about to have done was reassuring, then I could go home. The scan went really fast and Baby A was at 3lbs 14oz and Baby B was 4lbs exactly. Bad news, they had now fallen below the 5th%, I knew the MFM would push for a delivery tonight.
Throwback Thursday Throwback Thursday
So, with monitors strapped all over me, we waited and waited and waited. Moment of truth, 11pm! My OB said IF I hadn't progressed I could go, with that she "checked" again. 5cm and fully effaced…and off I went to be prepped for C-section. It was odd since I had a dream about the boys birthday being 4-6-12. As I was prepping we were told that it was going to be just a little longer, we sat for the longest half hour of my life (no exaggeration) and just as it turned midnight I was being wheeled into the OR to meet my mini men. I was a bit disappointed that they hadn't brought Scott in the room while they did my spinal, I HATE needles, but it ended up fine since I didn't even feel it…literally, I asked her if they had already done it as I was being directed to lay back. So, Scott came in and they started cutting. Like right away it was too soon and I could still feel it, so they paused, and tried again, and paused again. Third try was a charm and at 12:38am April 7th 2012 Aedon James was born at 4lbs 8oz and 17in. With the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck doctors quickly cut it and passed him off to his team of doctors. Baby B proved to be a fighter, he had flipped during the c-section and now, after trying to grab a foot to pull him down and out of my ribs, he slid loose and ducked for cover! What a little stinker, she had to put her whole forearm in to again grab a foot, this time he was out! Broderick John was born 3 minutes later at 12:41am 4lbs 8.5oz and 17.5in. The nurses joked because they were SO close in size, though B would be rounded to 4lbs 9oz. Scott got to cut B’s cord and he was then sent off to his team of doctors. As they wrapped up my procedure, Scott stayed a little while, but then went to see the boys as I was rolled back to the room. Still unable to see the babies, I was assured they were stable and doing wonderfully.

First pictures of our tiny bambinos

Throwback ThursdayThrowback Thursday