DIY reusable water blob

waterblobI saw this idea recently and luckily a friend had just tried a water blob with wonderful success so we gave it a shot!


What you’ll need:
Plastic sheeting-thickness varies- we purchased 6mil thickness from Home Depot just to be safe…we have curious dogs.
Hair straightener or iron
Wax paper
Food coloring, glitter, spongy toys *optional* I used teal food coloring
(You can also use duct tape for the edges however it will most likely leak more, hold less water, and not be reusable)

unnamed (120) unnamed (121)

I purchased enough plastic sheeting to make a first attempt as well as a 2nd…just in case. All I did was seal the seams by folding a piece of wax paper over the edge and running my hair straightener over it. (Leave a small hole to fill with water)You do have to be careful not to burn through the plastic doing this method…but…doing it this way allows you to add more water, and trust me you want more water! I think the first round was super simple though and we will be making more of these 🙂

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….and then daddy popped it 😦 unnamed (117)luckily a refill is just a small hole for the hose and a reseal with the hair straightener away 🙂

Play dough jello cookies

In the spirit of spring I’ve been planning away-picking out new activities, finding new places etc- but some spring days in the Midwest are too rainy and overcast to pull out summer stuff quite yet. So we enjoyed this inside activity the other day!
I had originally looked for jello play dough but once I saw the ingredient list I realized we could easily bake these into cookies once the boys got bored…a nice way to lengthen the activity;)
What you will need:
4 1/2 c of flour
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
2 3/4 c unsalted butter(softened)
1 c sugar
1 egg(and I added 2 tbs egg whites)
1 tsp salt
5 boxes of jello (3oz size)
You can add a flavor extract like vanilla, BUT the jello flavor is really intense so I wouldn’t recommend it.
Mix all ingredients except jello into a dough.
dough balls

Divide dough into 5 chunks and mix one 3oz box of jello into each dough chunk.

squishing awayThe boys got a kick out of crumbling the dough and squishing it. But when that entertainment value was gone we just moved onto the baking portion:)We used two tablespoons to evenly measure and shape the dough into balls. After that A&B rolled them in sugar, placed on the cookie sheet flatten a bit and baked! Our oven runs really hot so we baked them at 325(ish) degrees for about 10-15 minutes.

unnamedCARRHOEEmeasuringrolling in sugar

And voila, Play dough jello cookies!

This recipe made about 30 cookies for us. It is definitely a kids cookie or for adults who like intense punchy flavors. All in all we had fun!

Banana bread trials

I’m happy to say we had a rather productive past week! Aside from melting my seeds in the oven :0
-more on that later
But I did want to share the new banana-coconut bread recipes!
We tried 3 recipes and then made some edits to each. Here’s how they turned out…..

Recipe one:coconut banana bread for this one we substituted regular flour with coconut flour….and it ended up quite a bit heavier/denser than the pictured fluffy bread. But, the boys love it and with a little butter melted on a slice it has the perfect flavor, and it made for the perfect Saturday morning snack!20140329-100850.jpg

Recipe two:chocolate chip banana bread again we substituted flour with coconut flour. We also used homemade butter (yes, we make our own) and 2 tsp of cinnamon. Again, this is a heavier/denser bread but nice flavor and a filling snack!

Recipe three:banana bread this time we used coconut oil rather than vegetable oil, and didn’t add nuts. Before baking it was rather runny, but turned out quite moist! Scott really seems to like it and even the next day it was still very good! More of an adult snack as it falls apart instantly:)20140329-100624.jpg


Recipe 4: this one is less of a recipe and more of an easily adapted idea, and truthfully was more about not wasting the leftovers and using up some odds and ends:0 BUT it turned out really good! It's the perfect chewy bar type snack for the boys! I can't give you exact measurements (much to Scotts dismay I never measure when I cook) BUT like I said easily adapted
-whole milk
-raw steel cut oats
-wheat germ and flax
-4 mashed ripe bananas


Spring gardening


A&B seem to be enjoying our first new adventure into……

Well with spring just around the corner we are getting in gear to plant our garden! While both Scott and myself don’t exactly have “green thumbs” we thought we would give gardening a go this year. We’ve talked about all the things we would want and decided on a few that were realistic to try and grow for first timers 😉
We decided on
1) sugar snap peas
2) corn
3) tomatoes
4) watermelon
5) onions
6) carrots
7) peppers
8) garlic
9) potatoes
10) melon
11) squash
12) herbs….undecided
Actually finding seeds proved to be a little more challenging as we did look for non GMO/organic seeds.[If you aren’t sure of the difference look here] Once we found seeds the other “stuff” seemed even more challenging, did you know you, are supposed to plant certain plants together? Let’s just say, I learned something new… every step of the way with this project! But we have plans for our outdoor beds drawn up, arrangements for where the plants will grow, and vermiculite, all on stand by…..

For now were germinating!