DIY Ikea toddler bedframe

Well the long awaited post about how we (the Mr.) made bed frames is here!! I could not be more excited to show off the beautiful work! These were an adaptation of a bed we saw on Pinterest and just about 3 years of design and deliberation 😉
                                   But they are beautiful and well worth the wait.
So we went to Home Depot to pick out a wood- we settled on birch plywood 3/4″ thick, it came in sheets of – 50×45- but we had them cut it in half.

From there the exact shape was cut with a routerIMG_1646then sanded….and sanded some more IMG_1668
The frame was affixed with dowels and wood glue. Using a router bit all edges of the frame were rounded… nothing is worse than a kiddo with sharp edged furniture… two supports were placed for the mattress slats with glue and screws with one cross beam. 4 dowels were placed facing up to hold to slats taught on the frame.IMG_6030
In hindsight we should have known to make these supports a bit more beefy A & B jumping on these busted one about 6 months- I would suggest a thicker piece of  wood over excess plywood like we used. IMG_6029

much of this we did with the tools we had so other tools my work better but ….

you get the idea