Soaking up Spring?

yep thats hail Well we were soaking it up….mid april and last Saturday I was stuck under a bridge(so as not to ruin black beauty) on the highway due to hail and Monday I was holed up in the house waiting out the snowstorm. Yes, you read that right storm because contrary to the “light snow” we had a chance of getting…we got a storm…..ughhh soooo over this winter.
Anyhow, for the few hours we had sunlight on Saturday we were planning out yardspace and working on the 3rd round of seedlings. Sadly, with the up and down weather plus the oven casualties, Ive lost almost everything I planted. I am hoping the third times a charm but while we wait I am doing tons of research….did you know cuke seedlings need 6hrs of sun daily? Were attempting something called companion gardening but today I’ll be looking into compost fertilizers as well. Our big goal was to gain enough knowledge to grow indoors with a light this winter but wish us luck since I’m running out of steam to keep attempting this 😦
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We have also decided to tear down the play equipment in the yard. It was a huge selling point for the house buuut we soon found out that it was nowhere near sturdy…even for a child. Happy tears though because grandma bought an epic playset with swings, a slide, picnic table and a water/sand table. Scott started building the night it arrived and even with a cat hunting interlude (yes, A&B have figured out how to let the cat out)he finished it rather fast! And yes that is an airsoft BB gun

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yup, that’s my AMAZING hubs ;0
So far the boys are smitten, and guess what ?! the old play equipment will be repurposed into our garden beds and the old monkey bars will be a trellis for peas(since they are one of the only things still growing!!

Oh and happy holiday:)