Moving?!…don’t mind if I do!!

As I have said before things are never dull for us, and, the last few days have been no exception. We drove to Illinois, mid snowstorm on Saturday, to view two places. #1 an new condo close to a huge nature preserve #2 a completely remodeled lake cottage with an unfenced yard. As most of you know Scott has been job searching. After careful consideration of two offers; one in a city VERY UNFRIENDLY to pet owners and the other in Chicago…a little more diverse and welcoming, we decided on Chicago. We’re hoping to find the perfect place and get settled in and hoping even more that one of these places we viewed on Saturday will be it!

Obviously our home hunt means Scott officially ACCEPTED a JOB offer!!!! He is thrilled to be going back to work…yep, I think the boys crazy antics broke him;)…But for now we wait, wait on applications, wait on paperwork, background checks, etc.etc.etc.leaving us without an official start date, things have been a a nice way to put it. In the mean time the reality sets in that there is literally a ton to get done before MOVING…again. Sooo, do we pack and risk living in boxes for potentially weeks before we’d actually move? YEP. Both Scott and myself are big planners so we’d rather live on the basics and pack up the rest. I’ll let you know if I’ve changed my feelings about the boxes, though, after weeks+ of living out of them :0

well keep you posted on our new adventure!!

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