intros and such

After many…MANY months of debating if I even had time to blog I can safely safe…maybe. I am finally done with my Bachelors, well 10 days left, not that I’m counting or anything. Also, I have Scott at home for now, which is wonderful! And its just in time too, this summer I made plans to get out with my Mini Men, to explore some local attractions before we make our big move. Outings with the boys are rarely dull, and our bright red city select double may as well be a neon…most days I don’t mind the questions, honest :0 hopefully I will be able to clear the air on what life with Identical twin boys is really like….this is our journey……

one of our latest adventures
one of our latest adventures

One thought on “intros and such

  1. Seems like every double stroller is a huge attraction! Our babies get constant looks and comments and questions. I wonder if that will go away when we’re out of the stroller age and it’s not as obvious that they’re twins?


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