Throwback Thursday

So I thought I’d do throwback Thursdays to catch people up on our twin journey! We will start from the beginning and every Thursday I will add more to the story. So, starting from the moment we found out we were having TWO!!

I had been putting off going into have my first ultrasound done, I really wanted to push it back, mainly because the closer it was to 16 weeks the better I thought our chances were to find out gender… plus it had to be a time that Scott was available. We were sent to a hospital in Janesville and by the time we went I was 13 weeks and 1 day (the nurses at the hospital said I couldn’t wait anymore). After filling out the tedious insurance paperwork and what now seems like a very surreal moment to me; sitting in the waiting area of the radiology department, oblivious to the bombshell that would be dropped in 5 minutes. The Tech called our name, we followed her down the tan corridor, my bladder bursting she took one look at my stance and said wait until after it, is easier to get a good view. I settled in on the exam table and glanced up at the screen as she placed the wand on my stomach. A Blur of white and she pulled the wand back, I looked at Scott, taken aback by the amount of white on that screen.
I thought most ultrasound images were black….
She put the wand back angling it a little differently and showing perfectly clear two white blobs.
Turning back to look at us with the announcement of “TWINS!” she didn’t even get the word out of her mouth when I said “OHHH SHITTT” my eyes locking onto Scotts. My dreams had literally come true, more than 2 months earlier I had asked Scott what he thought of having twins. His abrupt “No” ended that conversation before it even began, but that never stopped my twin dreams.
The tech scanned and scanned calling on another doctor to make sure they didn’t need more images; she asked if we wanted to know gender guesses (of COURSE we did!! I was really hoping for B/G) well…next shocker… she guessed they were MoMo Boys.

first ultrasound November 17th, 2011. 13 weeks
first ultrasound November 17th, 2011.
13 weeks
Little guys
Little guys
thumb sucking
thumb sucking

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